Covered in powdered sugar

Hiiiiiii old and new friends. My name is Sharon and I am the founder/baker behind Flour + Freckles.

For those of you who don’t know me, here’s a little story of my first time baking. I’ve always been a stubborn soul. Someone who dances to the beat of her own drum. A real random “go-getter”, if you will. If someone ever told me “No” my first thought was “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED”, and lucky for me the payoff was almost always getting to reply with a satisfying “TOLD YA SO! HA!” I remember the day the thought “I should bake” popped into my head. And like usual, my first dessert wasn’t going to be something simple, I was going to make a classic American apple pie. I wasn’t even concerned with what people were telling me, “maybe start small”, “a pie is a difficult dessert” “it takes a while to master”…. naturally all these comments did was light the fire inside me.

So I searched through my mom’s Betty Crocker plastic covered cookbooks and binders for a simple recipe. I then proceeded to do what I call “reading”: flour, salt, butter, water makes a pie crust. Roll it out? Screw it, that takes too long and then I have dishes to wash, I’ll just press it in the baking dish. Add apples, what spices does mom have in the cupboard that I think will work. Oh yah, I didn’t forget the sugar (I was young and didn’t have the palette that I have now). I took the leftover dough and smooshed together thick pieces of dough to make a crust and into the oven it went.

This pie was a success. This random first time challenge of something that seemed so intense and difficult to many was my first validation. I GOT THIS.  It was the most delicious pie i had ever had, (sorry grandma). The crust was thick, flaky and soft and the apples cooked to perfection! To this day, my sister still goes on about that crust. I called a bunch of my friends over and told them to meet me out in my front yard. Grabbed the pie… some forks… and we dug in. NO PLATES NEEDED.

And ever since that moment, I’ve never looked back. If you are a fellow baker you will understand when I say, that to this day I have a love/hate relationship with baking. Sometimes there are those hair pulling out moments when things don’t quite the way you expected but when they do…damn, it feels like the clouds have parted and the angels are singing and I’m riding on a magical unicorn down a rainbow with two thumbs up. Yeah. #truth

Well, here i am. I’ve officially launched Flour + Freckles and I’m covered in powdered sugar and excited to book up my calendar with your parties + events. Because, let’s face it…everyone needs cake in their life.